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          The ride started back when I was 4 years old, my dad got me my first PW50 and started racing shortly after. my grandfather and father raced back in the day so it’s been in the blood since day one, it’s pretty much all I remember from my child hood, racing and playing sports all year round and it ended up getting pretty crazy going from a football game strait to moto's every weekend, it was getting expensive so we stopped with moto all together when I was about 11, But then skip ahead to my Junior year I got a old carbureted 2003 yz250f and feel back in love with two wheels! But we had just went to the state semi finals in football that year and we were looking good going into next year so my dad made me a deal that if I stay off the bike my senior year he would get me a new one after football, that definitely sounded like a plan, we ended up losing second round of playoffs though by one touchdown ,ill never forget the great times I had and the lessons I learned from football, but it was time for that new bike. So he stuck to his word and got me a brand new 2014 kx250f it took off from there couldn’t stay off it and wanted to get better , I couldn’t even qualify for a area qualifier in c class at the time but was hungry!
      So I got a week camp at Millsap's training facility (MTF) for my graduation present. Shortly after Me and dad decided to try to give a year at MTF a shot. Here I met many driven people that shared the same lifestyle as me. These people became my closest friends. My brotha from anotha motha Antonio , who we called tony Loko, was the life of the party, he encouraged us to live life “Loko”. As my friends and I continued to hang out we decided to call ourselves the “Loko mob”. We came from all over the world and brought different skill sets and personalities to the mob. Together we traveled the u.s and trained every day together, we faced many battles on and off the track while making great accomplishments, we all made it to Loretta Lynn’s that year. It was the time of our lives no doubt! 
      But As my time at the training facility came to an end we knew we would all have to split our ways, but we knew the bond we created would never die.
           I have always wanted to start a clothing brand and have been tinkering with this idea for a few years now, back in high school I would always drawing and had a love for designing. And now I'm putting the two things I'm most passionate about together ,moto & clothing design to present you with the charismatic clothing brand Loko mob! 
       From all the sports I have played and watched throughout the years there is something that iv noticed about every great athlete, and I'm sure you could agree with me on this one. There Loko! from the amount of hard work they put in, to the sheer courage it takes to battle some one head on and lay it all on the line with all you got, and not matter the outcome walk away with your head held high, that takes a special type of human no doubt, and that's what being Loko is all about. nothing average here. There are two things that we take to heart though, hard work & fun times! both are essential to living a heathy life, live your optimal life... live life loko!
           We got to keep that Loko energy going and never let the fun die! Where my Loko Mob Athletes at! letsss gooooooo!!!